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    Hey DRGunZ!

    Post  Meep on Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:10 am

    Meep here. Most of you probably don't know me I know Neo does! Kolie might not remember me I was that annoying PR kid if you think back Kolie at least I know that was your opinion of me haha.

    Anyway I miss this community so I wanted to catch up. Looks like y'all don't use DrGunZ.net anymore? Hope everything is panning out well.

    If y'all are active I'd like catching up and stuff. I know I mentioned it previously but y'all have that HostGator banner which is badass because I still work here haha actually posting this from work while on break.

    Perks of working here I've actually messed with building websites now so that's cool, jole.info is my site I've messed around with a little. Not a whole lot going on because I was too lazy to type of content but websites are cool and a lot easier than I thought haha.

    This used to be the coolest community so I just felt like saying sup and catching up.

    -Jole/Meep/DRGunZ Fan

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