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    Patch Progresss

    Post  Kolie on Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:01 pm


    Since we are not liars neither scammers like many staff members that recently worked for this server, and since my development team is being critisized and blamed for the patch delays, then I'm going to post a public patch progress thread because this patch was already delayed twice and I think the community should get some information due to the delays.

    These are the patch tasks ordered first by relevance/priority and then ordered by progress:
    1% Progress - The Game Mode *Surprises*

    1% Progress - The php scripts for the project 168

    1% Progress - The php scripts for the project Phoenix Rebirth

    100% Progress - New interface

    99% Progress - Finishing the Server Files

    99% Progress - Finishing any kind of quest modification - scenario, npc, npcset xml's

    99% Progress - Deciding what maps are going into the 3.0 client and what maps are being removed.

    90% Progress - New BGM and optional BGM's

    90% Progress - Finishing the Client Files - zitem, weapon xml's and the model, man, woman mrs's with all the new content

    Regular Shop items
    Project P168 Items
    Phoenix Rebirth Items
    Donator Shop items
    Event Items
    Quest Items
    Staff Items

    30% Progress - New Website/Template. (Note that this will only be released after the 3.0 patch)

    0% Progress - not started.
    1% Progress - Started but on hold.
    ##% Progress - in progress, near done or easy to make.
    100% Progress - Done.

    And this, fellow DR members, is the whole truth about everything since I took full control of Development and fired the liars and scammers, and right now we're all working our hardest to complete the patch as soon as possible.

    As you can see, most of the *regular* patch content is already ready for release, such as clothing, items, weapons, maps, but I don't want an half-assed bugged patch like the last development team made and that I had to fix myself.

    I promised the DR community a REVOLUTION patch and you will have a REVOLUTION patch or my internet name/alias isn't NeoDio and I'll never set foot on DR again, I intend to keep what I promised along with my precious development team, and we're not liars neither scammers, those are long gone, this community will get the REVOLUTION that they deserve.

    I'll be updating this thread when necessary, please don't ask for time estimates because we will not give any.

    Thank you, and please understand that it's not our fault that people betray us and that we have to delay the patch.

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